A self taught artist like experimenting with different medium and have worked in oil, acrylic on canvas, watercolors and painting on silk.

Created 4" to 4' size of more than 2000 ceramic pots .

Hobbies of a few years ago are today an integral part of my life. I have been teaching since 1984. Invited as judge by many institutions, social organizations etc.

Getting an invitation from a social club for demonstration, teaching various types of paintings. One such invitation was from Dignity Foundation Vashi.

All members are senior citizens from all walks of life... all are retired and keen to spend quality time learning new art. Being a senior citizen, we bonded instantly. I was invited other Dignity Foundation Centers. With them, I did similar workshops like:

1 Stained Glass Painting
2 Ceramic Pots
3 Canvas Painting
4 Best Creations From Waste Materials
5 T-Shirt Bags (With Out Stitching)
6 Diya Painting & Decoration
7 Bottle Painting etc.